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JR-ECS(waste water)
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          Electrochemical flocculation technology:

  Jingrunelectrochemical flocculation technology is a comprehensive pretreatment processwhich combines electrocoagulation, precipitation, and filtration phenomena atonce. By employing this integrated technology with the advanced relatedequipment; colloid, suspended solid, hardness, turbidity, floc, and flakeamounts of water decline efficiently.

         Product features and advantages:

1.  Applicableto a wide range of water inlet target, a stable water outlet flow.

2.  No need to add flocculation agent, no secondary pollution.

3.  A high water recovery rate (more than 98%).

4.  Low operation costs (power consumption ~0.2 kWh/ton water).

5.  Small occupied area.

6.  Full automatic control.

7.   Simple operation and maintenance.

       Areas of application:

  1.  Circulatingdischarge sewage and standard sewage reuse treatment.

  2.  RO concentrated water reuse treatment.

  3.  Gasificationwastewater (ash water) reuse treatment (high hardness, high turbidity).

  4.  Coalchemical industry and coking chemical industry wastewater reuse treatment.

  5.  Paper andelectroplating industry wastewater reuse treatment.

  6.  Pharmaceuticalindustry wastewater reuse treatment.

  7.  Fertilizerindustry wastewater reuse treatment.

  8.  Powerplant wastewater reuse treatment.

Relevant operating parameters