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JR-Biological method for removing nitrate nitrogen
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JR-Biological Method for Removal of Nitrate-Nitrogen

     Technical principle

     By utilizing inorganic sulfur stroma as electron donor along with inorganic carbon source, secondary carbon-originated pollution problem of drinking water is resolved.  Under anaerobic condition, denitrifying bacteria exploit NO3 as electron acceptor so that it is enabled to be converted into N2 and to be eliminated from water. Its reaction is as follow:

5S +6NO3- + 2H2O——5SO42- + 3N2 + 4H+;

      5H2S +2NO3- ——5S + N2 + 2OH- + 4H2O.


        Technical features:

1.  Outstanding results in nitrate removal, stable, applicable to a wide range of nitrate target, self-regulation via biological bacteria.  

2.  Operation without requirement of adding any additional substances.

3.  Needless of extra power supply, low operation costs.

4.  Water recovery rate up to 99%.

5.  Employing state-of-the-art techniques.

        Key technical points:

        1.  Effective control of nitrite accumulation.

2.  Prevention of sulfate growth problem.

3.  Scientific and rational combination set up of filter aggregate.

4.  Steady operation of designed bio-load.

5.  Capable of adding disinfectant to dispose of the reaction-yielded