Technology Detail
Hard-to-degrade soluble concentrated CODs removal
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Technical description:

The installed adsorption media enables all kinds of COD components in the water to undergo the adsorption treatment; and consequently, soluble COD small molecules, organic substances, and other same problems with effluents are solved.  It can be employed as an effluent reuse pretreatment process or as a process to meet discharge standards. Furthermore, regeneration after adsorption saturation can be carried out easily and conveniently.

    Areas of application:

    Treatment of COD in standard sewage and reprocessing concentrated water.

    Treatment of COD in RO concentrated water.

    Treatment of COD in circulating discharge sewage.

    Treatment of COD in various industrial water production processes.

    Treatment of COD in steam condensate oil.

    Treatment of COD in coking wastewater.

    Technical features:

    Low operation cost.

    High regeneration efficiency, low volume of generated sewage.

    Strong impact resistance property.

    Long service lifetime.

    Small occupied area.

    Treatment efficiency:

    COD removal rate ≥50% (removal efficiencies are variant for different water qualities).

    Water recovery rate ≥99%.