Technology Detail
JR-ED/EDR System
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    Technical principle:

   1.By means of laminatedmultilayer partition panels, cationic and anionic membranes are arrangedalternatively between two positive and negative electrodes.

    2.Under DC electricfield, positive charges pass across the cationic exchange membrane while negativecharges pass across the anionic exchange membrane.

   3.Concentrated water andpurified water configured chambers are deployed crosswise to bring about saltseparation and enrichment.


1.   Shape: vertical, horizontal.

2.  Desalination rate: 60%-95%.

3.  Water recovery rate: 60%-95%.

4.  Operating pressure: 0.2 Mpa.

5.  Power consumption: 0.5-1.2 kWh/tonwater.

6.   Application: moderate desalination, RO concentrated waterenrichment, zero discharge.

Areas of application: