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JR-ELECO oil removal
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          ELECO Electrochemical Oil Removal

    Technical introduction:

    ELECO electrochemical oil removal is a comprehensive process which combines electric field reverse demulsification, electroflocculation, and electroflotation phenomena at once. By employing this integrated technology with the advanced related equipment, oil, suspended solids, and COD components of water are removed efficiently.

     Technical features and advantages:

  • Apart from oil, efficient removal of COD and SS.

  • Low operation cost, power consumption ~0.2 kWh/ ton water.
  • Small occupied area.
  • Full automatic control.
  • Applicable to a wide range of water inlet target, a stable water outlet flow.
  • No need to add flocculation agent, no secondary pollution.
  • Simple operation and maintenance.

  • Product specifications:

    Equipment model
    Equipment operational capacity
    30 m3/h
    50 m3/h
    100 m3/h
    150 m3/h
    200 m3/h
    300 m3/h

    Oil removal equipment installation at the project site